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From rare fairburns to high-end designer statement pieces, our collection is filled with wonderous items for personal collections, interior design, and more. We constantly add new items to keep things exciting and fresh.


The purpose of this page is to shine a spotlight on one or more items. Although we can not guarantee availability (since we may forget to remove or swap out the items), if you are interested in an item on this page contact us. If possible, we will accept payment via phone and make shipping arrangemetns.

1" black and orange full face Fairburn - $150.00

 Fairburn 1" in size and great husk $150.00

Round Amethyst Cathedral

With sparkling splendor, this large and rare "clam" style amethyst geode is truly a one-of-a-kind. 

Price: $5,0000 plus tax and shipping

Buffalo Heads

We currently have a collection of amazing buffalo head skulls. It will be a perfect additon to your collection or western interior design.


Price: $150.00 plus tax and shipping

A very rare and complete 28 pound Cycad- Call for Pricing

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